Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

This is cute...

The article that follows proclaims that Smith is "the Fox News star who's not afraid to take on Trump."

Two notable things here. First, since Smith is a liberal, he's portrayed as being one of the only real "journalists" at FNC. To say Shep does pure reporting every day would stretch even the grandest imagination to its breaking point. But, hey, MSM has gotta MSM.

The second thing is that Smith's two decade presence at FNC really shreds the cliche liberal view of the network. True, it's mostly right-leaning conservative opinion, but it is also the network that has had Smith and Geraldo Rivera on the payroll for a very long time. Add to that the fact that FNC's liberal contributors are actual liberals and there is quite a contrast between it and CNN and MSNBC.

FNC's main rivals tend to hire conservative or Republican contributors only if they are willing to bash other conservatives and Republicans.

Juan Williams isn't bashing Democrats on "The Five".

It's a lie that FNC is a 24/7 conservative propaganda machine as long as Shep is there in the middle of every day. MSNBC may point to Joe Scarborough as proof of its political diversity, but just how Republican has he seemed lately?

True, the cable news model is just generally awful and has probably done more to ruin political discourse than even social media. There is, however, more diversity of political opinion in one day on Fox News than you'll find on MSNBC and CNN in a week.