Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

The NFL can't die fast enough:

The N.F.L. on Wednesday extended the contract of Commissioner Roger Goodell for another five years, ending an unusually rancorous monthslong standoff with Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, who wanted to derail the deal.

A committee of owners negotiating Goodell’s compensation signed off on a contract worth roughly $200 million over five years, which is in line with his current deal. But unlike his current arrangement, nearly 90 percent of the potential compensation will be paid only if a variety of financial targets are met.

Well, that's something, I guess.  Through its arrogance, its sense of entitlement, the mediocre quality of its play, the interchangeability of its players, and now its capitulation to the social-justice warriors, the NFL no longer deserves the loyalty of its former fans.

Despite declining television ratings, persistent worries about the safety of the game and a backlash against the league because of players protesting during the national anthem, the league is still a financial juggernaut, with $14 billion in annual revenue. That is a big reason the owners are comfortable keeping Goodell — who became commissioner in 2006 — on for another five years.

But with anxiety over the league’s weaknesses growing, Jones and other owners wanted to ensure Goodell continued to focus on growing the league’s business. As a result, they have insisted that most of his compensation in the coming years be based on the N.F.L. hitting financial targets, with various owners signing off on bonuses linked to the targets. Goodell’s guaranteed salary before those potential bonuses will be about $4 million a year.

Things are tough all over.

The White House put out this nifty abbreviated version of Trump's remarks today:


Haha, good question:


These people ...

Lead and they shall follow.

The most important two Arab states are Egypt (population) and Saudi Arabia (wealth), and neither seems likely to retaliate beyond a pro forma protest. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman can't afford to derail his modernization effort by emboldening a bunch of reactionary hotheads, and Egypt can't afford to do much that isn't bankrolled by the Saudis.

The Iranian Mullahs were going to do their mullah thing regardless.

Turkey however remains the wildest of wildcards...