Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Peter Thiel is trying to pick the rotting carcass of Gawker clean.


Peter Thiel may not be done with his revenge quest against Gawker.

The vindictive tech billionaire's lawyers filed a motion this week arguing that he has been "unfairly excluded" from ongoing bidding for the defunct news site's archives and brand name, BuzzFeed reported.

The filing would clear the way for a possible sale of Gawker to Thiel, at which point he would be free to scrub any or all of the old articles that remain online, including the infamous 2007 post that outed him as gay and sparked his secret years-long plot to destroy the outlet.

Those machinations were first made public last year when Thiel was revealed to be bankrolling Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against the former digital media empire for publishing the wrestler's sex tape.

The $140-million verdict from that case bankrupted Gawker Media, and while Univision bought its stable of other properties, including GizmodoJezebel, and Deadspin, the company's namesake site has remained dormant as its lawyers have hammered out terms for a potential sale in bankruptcy court.

Thiel has claimed that he supports a free press but called Gawker a "singularly sociopathic bully."

Naturally, the tech press loves to portray Thiel as the real villain because he is a conservative. I had run-ins with the Gawker crowd over the years and Thiel is right. They were bullies, just not very good at it.

They would come at you on social media in waves for hours, or sometimes days, and try to wear you down. Most of it was real weak fare, like finding unflattering pics of me on Google and trying to embarrass me with them, as if I weren't aware that I'm not photogenic or that ugly photos of me exist on the Internet.

It was mostly just an irritant-my Twitter feed would be jammed with their nonsense-but it would get ugly at times. That was basically the mentality of the people running the site. Attack, defame, embarrass. They got some of their own medicine and the tears have yet to stop flowing.