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Here is today's HOT MIC.

Marco Rubio critiques Trump water break.

So, this happened.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) had the perfect response: "Similar, but needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time."

Here's Rubio's water break.

It's come to this.

A porn star and a rapper are forming a dream ticket to run for president and vice president.

Cherie DeVille (real name unknown) and rapper Coolio (real name irrelevant) tossed their hats in the ring to save the country.

No, really.

The Hill:

So the 39-year-old adult film performer decided to toss her hat in the political ring, saying she’s planning on running as a Democrat.

“If our criteria now for becoming a political official is minor celebrity, I have that,” says DeVille, who boasts 190,000 Twitter followers. “I feel like I can be potentially what I’m feeling the American people — for better or for worse — want, which is interesting news, scandalous news, you know, not ‘boring’ political news.”

“But at the same time [I can] do what the American people really need,” she continues, which is “having a person with integrity, and having someone listen to the people, and actually care about America in public office.”

A former physical therapist, DeVille — whose campaign slogan is “Make America F------ Awesome Again” — says a lot of people “giggle” when they learn that “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper Coolio is running as her VP.

“He’s lived and exemplifies what I consider the American dream,” DeVille says. While a rep for DeVille told ITK the Grammy winner wasn’t available for comment on the 2020 campaign, Coolio told Los Angeles’s KESQ-TV in a recent interview, “We need normal, regular, everyday people in office.”

When pressed on whether DeVille was making a legitimate White House run versus a PR stunt, she responded, “I am going to actually run for president.”

But, the Washington, D.C., native admits the original intention with her trading porn for politics was to “start a dialogue” about stereotypes against sex workers: “I just want to challenge the public opinion that a sex worker, just because they’re a sex worker, couldn’t be in public office.”

While she hasn’t filed any intention to run documents with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), DeVille insists, “It’s evolved into a real and realistic run for president.”

Before we start guffawing, there are several celebrities out there just itching for a chance to run. Alec Baldwin thinks he'd make a "good president," while Oprah Winfrey hasn't ruled out a run herself. Singer Kayne has said he would like to be president. The common denominator of all these celebrities is that they start with enormous name recognition, which gives them a huge advantage over politicians who few have ever heard.

Ms. DeVille isn't widely known beyond porn aficionados and Coolio -- well, I'm sure he's very talented and all but I've never heard of him.  But if a strutting ignorant braggart like Trump can get elected, who knows?


Former Gadsden Mall employees share stories, concerns about Roy Moore.

Seriously, this is creepy stuff -- even on the Late '70s Scale.

Several people who worked at the Gadsden Mall during that time frame tell ABC 33/40 they remember Moore.

Janet Reeves, tells ABC 33/40 she began working at the mall in 1978. She had several jobs there including, working at Orange Julius.

“We knew, that Roy was, we considered him as teenagers the creepy old man that roamed the mall, trying to talk to the young girls,” Reeves remembered. “He kind of stood out from everyone else because we was always wearing dress clothes, dress slacks, a button down shirt, nice shoes.”

We asked Reeves if she was concerned at the time.

“In the culture in that time, in those ages, we just kept quiet about those things,” said Reeves. ”And he was the district attorney.”

More Moore:

We also spoke with Greg Legat, who says he worked at the Gadsden Mall in 1981 at the Record Bar.

Legat told ABC 33/40 one day he was talking with his store manager and mall security about thieves and people who had been banned from the mall.

Legat recalled someone asking, “What about Roy Moore?”

Legat remembered responding, "Why would Roy Moore be banned?"

He says security told him, “If you see him, we'll take care of it.”

This is the same mall where Wendy Miller told the Washington Post she was 14 and working as a Santa's helper when Moore first approached her.

Miller told the Washington Post she was 16 when Moore asked her on dates, which her mother didn't allow.

I was just texting with my friend and colleague Scott Ott, who says Moore is about to make an announcement, perhaps a suit against the Washington Post. But given that a new National Republican Senatorial Committee poll has him down by 12, and Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball has re-rated the race to "Leans D," a day in court doesn't seem likely to do Moore much good.

Senator Lindsey Graham wants alleged sexual harassers in Congress to be named and shamed.

“Name them,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters. “Just get it out. Lay it out. Change the rules so people can come to work without being harassed. Those who do these things need to be held accountable.”

Graham’s comments come one day after California Rep. Jackie Speier testified that at least two sitting members of Congress -- one from each party -- have been the subjects of rampant sexual harassment complaints.

If the charges are true, who's covering for these dirtbags? They should be held accountable too.

Dan Rather sure knows how to pick'em. Either that or he's just another commie-loving lefty stooge.

You make the call!

(Hat tip, Tree Hugging Sister over at the Instapundit comments section.)