Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

Sure, that's the problem.

I often wonder if at some point there are physical distress manifestations of the effort it takes for journalists across the world to look away from the one common denominator in terrorist attacks. True, devout leftists are quite accomplished at convincing themselves of the truth of false realities, but they have to be at least peripherally aware that they're avoiding the obvious here, right?

Of course, social media is full of news of symbolic gestures of sympathy and unity. That seems to be enough for anyone on the left. It is impossible to get the public support to adequately address a dangerous and important issue when half the country doesn't think it's an issue. And liberals love looking to Europe to justify their misbegotten ways, so backup from the BBC just serves to validate their nonsense.

I don't sigh, but I may start.


I wrote about the Trump clown video here.

My tally of violent and unhinged celebrity expressions of Trump Derangement Syndrome:

If I'm missing anything, please let me know.



Regarding Paula's post below,  it's clear this "Cuomo guy" hasn't been reading PJM's Patrick Poole.  Otherwise, he'd know there no such thing as a "LONE WOLF."  Well, I take that back.  Cuomo'd probably still try to insist on it because the whole bogus idea of a "LONE WOLF" is promulgated for one reason only - to preserve the multi-cultural insanity loved by the left.  They're so drunk on their own non-existent goodness, they'd kill us all (and themselves) to preserve it.

Repeat after me: THIS WAS A LONE WOLF ATTACK. I heard that Cuomo guy yapping about it on the news last night, so it must be true.

The left is having a collective nervous breakdown about this today:

(Any day you're making Plunderbund mad is a good day in Ohio.)

Unfortunately, the Ohio Senate, with its Republican majority, is much more cowardly, so the bill to protect children with Down syndrome faces an uphill battle to get to Governor Kasich's desk. And even if the Senate does pass it, there's no guarantee that Kasich won't veto it. He talks a good pro-life game but when push comes to shove, he sides with the baby killers.