Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

Stephen: Despite his "old white guy" status, I've long thought Grandpa Joe Biden might be the best weapon in the Dems' arsenal. He would be a force to reckon with here in Ohio, where union jobs have dried up and blue-collar voters only care about who will bring them back and revitalize the economy. It's the reason uber-progressive Sen. Sherrod Brown keeps winning re-election in this overwhelmingly red state. Hillary foolishly picked Caine for her veep over Brown, who would have certainly raised her chances of contending in Ohio. An old-school union Democrat message combined with Biden's ability to schmooze could easily peel off a lot of Trump voters, especially if there's no discernable increase in jobs during his first term.

Just did a FB Live about this post.

Parallel Universe Hillary is here, and she's as drunk as the one from this world:

The allegedly "scandal-free" Obama administration sure managed to rack up a lot of scandals. This one will infuriate you:

Uh-oh -- did Hillary Clinton break a federal law when her campaign failed to disclose required information about funding the dodgy dossier? If so, it would be just one more to add to a long list.