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Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

Just did a FB Live about this post.

Parallel Universe Hillary is here, and she's as drunk as the one from this world:

The allegedly "scandal-free" Obama administration sure managed to rack up a lot of scandals. This one will infuriate you:

Uh-oh -- did Hillary Clinton break a federal law when her campaign failed to disclose required information about funding the dodgy dossier? If so, it would be just one more to add to a long list.


Paula -- Oh, he's most definitely their best weapon, but that's not saying much. The Democrats are going nowhere with the progressives who are dominating their conversations right now. If this were still the old "let's just win elections" party of years past they'd be telling Elizabeth Warren to shut up and making Crazy Joe as comfortable as possible for the interminably long campaign to come. I just find it hilarious that the party that's placed such a premium on youth and diversity currently has its hopes pinned on a 68-year-old white woman who lies about being Native American, a soon-to-be 75-year-old white plagiarist, and a 76-year-old white socialist who at present isn't even a Democrat. It's basically a recipe for Pence/Ivanka 2024.