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They still swear there is no media bias.

Here are some samples from my main news column on Tweetdeck:

Those all magically appeared on Twitter in a twenty minute span. If the timing coincidence isn't enough to make you think that the MSM colludes with Democrats the fact that CNN and NBC are using the same picture might help sell the idea.

This, for the millionth time, is how Trump won.

Wow! Scott Adams may be onto something here. I will admit that when the Cowboys all kneeled together I was still annoyed, but thankful they stood up for the anthem. It is progress and it's progress in the right direction. My only issue with Adams' assessment here is that the NFL has already made itself look like "a bag of d***s."

Everything I love about America happening here.

LFL will be releasing a Video Statement to the controversy surrounding our National Anthem protests.

A post shared by Legends Football League (@mylfl) on

The Legends Football League (which used to be the "Lingerie Football League") says the flag and anthem are "far too sacred" to protest. Here is the full statement:

Charlie, PJM's Arnold Carriero discovered that Hersheypark has a new chocolate SPA!

Get a Dark Chocolate Body Wrap at Hershey’s New MeltSpa

Personally, I'd rather just eat the stuff, but I'd be willing to do both if it meant relaxing and boosting my brain power.

File under "news you can use":