Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Megyn Kelly's grass doesn't seem to be getting any greener at NBC:

The Daily Beast has more:

Four weeks before the Sept. 25 debut of Megyn Kelly Today—the 9 a.m. replacement for the venerable morning show’s third hour, Today’s Take—some NBC insiders are expressing doubts, and even worries, about the network news division’s plan to scrap a reliable long-running program in order to morph the former Fox News anchor and Donald Trump nemesis into an accessible, female-friendly personality for an ethnically diverse daytime viewership.

Officially, of course, NBC News is excited and upbeat about the new show, which will feature a live audience in a specially built studio at 30 Rock.

This is really more about the tolerance of the "ethnically diverse daytime viewership" that NBC caters to than Kelly's talent. The average NBC viewer isn't big on intellectual or political diversity, which is how people like Matt Lauer and Brian Williams become stars there.

There is also the fact the Kelly's claim to fame as far as NBC was concerned isn't very unique lo these many months after her hiring. She was one of the first media personalities to engage in a protracted war of words with then-candidate Trump. When NBC lured her away from Fox News she was still one of the most prominent anti-Trump types. The media landscape in America is polluted with them now.

Within the NBCUniversal  ranks alone, Morning Joe and his Mika have carved out quite a niche for themselves bashing the president over at MSNBC.

It does appear that, at the very least, NBC is giving Kelly the resources to succeed. It is a risky move, but Kelly is still talented might be able to pull it off.