Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Since Trump never does anything small or ordinary, the upcoming battle over the debt limit is likely to spin out of control and become the longest government shutdown in history.

Trump promised in Arizona to veto any debt limit bill that does not include money for the wall. Today, Speaker Paul Ryan said a veto wasn't necessary because the wall would be funded using the appropriations process.

The Hill:

Ryan responded to Trump's veto promise during a press conference in Hillsboro, Ore., saying that Congress needed more time to complete the formal appropriations process to fund the border wall. Congress has passed legislation to fund border security improvements, including parts of the wall, but hasn't allocated the full funding Trump's request needs for the wall.

There are very legitimate problems and concerns on the border that need to be addressed,” Ryan said, but “we’re going to need more time to complete our appropriations process, especially in the Senate.”

Democrats in both chambers are staunchly opposed to funding the border wall, and several Senate Democrats have vowed to block any bill that includes money for the southern barrier.

"Build that wall. Now the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me, if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall," Trump said Tuesday during a rally in Phoenix.

Ryan said that lawmakers didn’t have to choose between building the wall and funding the government, but didn’t criticize Trump for threatening a shutdown.

“The president is employing a strategy that he thinks is effective for him,” Ryan said.

Trump is acting more like a king than Obama ever did. He thinks he can snap his fingers and Congress will give him what he wants. Sorry, Donnie, it doesn't work that way. It has nothing to do with the "swamp" either. Regular order is regular order and the appropriations process -- although rarely followed -- is the law of the land.

This is the price we pay for having someone ignorant of governance and the legislative process as president. Congress will pass a debt ceiling bill that almost certainly won't contain any money for the wall. This is because Ryan is going to need about 20 Democrats to get the debt limit passed, given opposition from conservatives. And since Democrats are in lock step about no funding for the wall, the only way to avoid a government shutdown is to send a relatively clean debt limit bill to the White House for Trump's signature.

Since there won't be enough votes to override Trump's veto, we are likely to see some kind of government shutdown. How that plays out over more than a few days is anyone's guess, but we all know who will be blamed.