Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Nothing quite like bearding the lion in his den.

Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer group -- known for its peaceful advocacy for free speech -- has gotten a permit from the National Park Service to hold a rally in San Francisco on Saturday.


The National Park Service said Wednesday that a controversial right-wing rally will be allowed to go forward Saturday at park-managed Crissy Field in San Francisco and advised the public to steer clear.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area Acting General Superintendent Cicely Muldoon said the park service had no choice but to honor the free speech rights of event applicant Patriot Prayer, despite concern from city officials that the afternoon demonstration will draw far-right extremists and counterprotesters and turn violent in similar fashion to an Aug. 12 event in Charlottesville, Va.

The park service, which said it has also approved a handful of permits for counterprotests over the weekend, has been meeting with San Francisco police and park service officials from across the country to try to ensure a robust security plan. Parts of the Presidio will be closed to visitors during the rally, officials said.

“After consultation with other law enforcement colleagues, including the San Francisco Police Department, National Park Service law enforcement believe that whether a permit is issued or not, many people will come to Crissy Field on Aug. 26 to express their opinions,” Muldoon said in a statement. “Law enforcement advised that issuing a permit will increase their ability to ensure public safety.”

Mr. Gibson must find a way to deny white supremacists and Nazis a role in the demonstration. That former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi referred to Patriot Prayer as a "hate group" is a calumnious slur. Not even the SPLC has branded Patriot Prayer a hate group. Considering how low the SPLC's bar is on hate, this should assure all but the most rabid lefties of the peaceful intentions of the group.

But that's exactly who will show up as counter-protesters -- rabid, out-of-control Antifa thugs spoiling for a brawl. This will no doubt keep the number of Patriot Prayer demonstrators to a minimum -- another victory for the real fascists in America.