Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Think you've got a tough job? Here's what happened to a Milwaukee Public School teacher who apparently said the wrong thing to a male student.

Fox 6:

The circumstances around the fight aren't known.

Police say the student was arrested at the school and faces possible charges of battery.

A Milwaukee Public School spokesman says the district is cooperating with the investigation.

"MPS is cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate a situation that occurred today at 1515 W Lapham Blvd. Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further."

A school that's known as the fighting cardinals--now dealing with a fight of a different kind.

Police tell FOX6 the teacher's injuries were not life threatening. Charges will be presented to the District Attorney's Office in the coming days.

Officials say the case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Office in the coming days for possible charges of Battery to a School District Official.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan issued the following statement on this incident:

"Violence at MPS is a great concern to the community. Actions like this need criminal charges to send a message, and hold the student responsible for their reckless and dangerous behavior.

"I applaud the many great teachers and students at MPS, however, there is a segment of students who choose to behave inappropriately and criminally, which robs other students and teachers of an opportunity to build a safe learning environment."

"Behave inappropriately"? Um, no. Behaving inappropriately is starting a food fight in the cafeteria or shooting spit balls in class. This is "behaving criminally" and will be dealt with accordingly.

Why do teachers' unions and school districts continue to defy logic and allow these violent, unbalanced students to remain in a classroom supposedly dedicated to learning? They should be sent to a special school where they can goof off all they want without detracting from the learning experience of kids who desperately need an education.

Yes, the poor thugs will feel singled out and be ashamed and embarrassed. They should be. As it stands, big city schools are raising generation after generation of functional illiterates who have trouble finding entry-level work because they went to a school where constant disruptions by gang bangers and psychopaths made it impossible to learn.