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Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

For the record, I don't normally condone careless acts like quoting Chris Cillizza pieces, except of course for purposes of mockery and/or pointing out hackery.


There are nearly 26 million reasons why Nancy Pelosi isn't going anywhere.

...is a piece worth a few moments of your time. Especially if you read the relevant excerpt here, and deny CNN your click.


In the aftermath of a quartet of special election losses by Democratic candidates earlier this year, a group of -- mostly -- younger members of Congress insisted that it was time for Nancy Pelosi to step down as leader of their party in the House.

It's a call Pelosi has grown used to since the 2010 election when she and her fellow Democrats lost control of the House in an anti-Obama wave. And one that she's been ignoring for just as long, knowing that her position as House Democratic leader is hers until she decides she doesn't want it anymore.

A headline Sunday night in the Washington Post shows why. "Nancy Pelosi's fundraising breaks $25 million for 2017," it read.

In the story, Pelosi's political team details that almost all of that haul went to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the arm of the party tasked with winning back the House in 2018. That $25.9 million is $10 million more than Pelosi raised for the DCCC in 2015 -- and far more than any other House Democrat could even dream of raising.

The simple fact is that without Pelosi, Democrats would be at a massive disadvantage financially.

Since 2006, Pelosi has brought in -- brace yourself -- over half a billion dollars in donations for her fellow/sister/trans/cis/whatevs Democrats.

Half a billion-with-a-b.

Now you might ask yourself: To what end? She raised all that money, but the only time she managed to bring her party into the majority was in the anti-Bush wave election in 2006, and the pro-Obama wave of 2008.

Since then, bupkis.

But now ask yourself: How would the Democrats be doing without Nancy's half billion?

The answer: In even worse shape than they're in now, probably.

So this is is, Democrats -- aging Queen Nancy and her Shrunken Court.

This is as good as it gets.