Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

Your tax dollars at work:

After almost two years, the Environmentacl Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General released its report on the Gold King Mine disaster that dumped over a million pounds of metals into the Animas River, turning dozens of miles of the river orange. While inspectors general are tasked with finding out the truth and holding agencies accountable, this recently released report sheds no more light on the disaster than previous misleading reports.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has inherited not only an environmental mess, but also the mess created by an agency more interested in its narrow self-interests than truth. Pruitt now has an opportunity to send a message that would ripple far beyond the EPA.

The end state of all "liberal" programs is coercive, unaccountable fascism, enforced at gunpoint. And given that the EPA has been a sinecure for watermelon environmentalists -- green on the outside, but commie red on the inside -- you'd expect nothing less from this now-useless bureaucracy.

The line that the EPA crew never intended to breach the natural plug (blockage) is flatly contradicted by a recently released Interior Department email that includes an account that appears to have come from the main on-scene coordinator. An attachment to the email states the “material catastrophically gave-way” when the EPA crew was “attempting to relieve hydrologic pressure” by “removing small portions of the natural plug.”

Important facts supporting this Interior Department account are omitted from the inspector general report. What the inspector general kept in is less important than what the he left out.

Looks like swamp-draining and leftist mosquito-eradication is going to be a big project:

The EPA crew definitely succeeded in relieving hydrostatic pressure, though they also polluted the river with a few million gallons of acid mine drainage and hundreds of thousands of pounds of metals.

There are gaping holes in the EPA’s fiction. If allowed to stand, the message will be that misleading, deceiving, and lying works, and that bureaucrats need not follow the laws they enforce on others.

If this second Gold King Mine mess is addressed, government officials who were at the site and those who created and promoted a false accounting will be put on notice that they must abide by laws and regulations they enforce, that they will be held accountable, and that public service means serving the public, not just your agency’s interests.

The message would ripple far beyond the EPA.

The Trump administration cannot get fully staffed up quickly enough.