Wednesday's HOT MIC: Terror Attack in Michigan?

Wednesday's HOT MIC: Terror Attack in Michigan?

Cruel, but fair?

House Dems Rip Pelosi: ‘You’d Have to Be An Idiot’ to Think Dems Could Win With Her as Leader

That's from Mediaite, running with a Politico piece headlined, "Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems after Georgia loss." The subhead soothes readers with the reminder that "There's a lot of grumbling by rank-and-file members, but no leadership change is imminent."

WaPo's Aaron Blake gives the anti-Pelosi spin another twist with "Democrats’ persistent Pelosi problem.". And The Hill reports that Democrat congressional candidate Joe Cunningham has joined the pile on, tweeting "The Democratic Party needs new leadership now. If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker."

Even at Slate they're forced to admit that Pelosi is "extremely unpopular."

I can't think of any Democrat with the guts or the votes (or the fundraising prowess) to topple Pelosi. But if today's drumbeat makes anything clear, it's that if the Democrats aren't ready to show Pelosi the door, they wouldn't mind too much if she found her own way out.