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This is some pretty weak spin, even for the "most trusted name in news."


"Comey does not directly dispute that Trump was told multiple times he was not under investigation..."?

Uh -- how about Comey's testimony directly confirms President Trump's contention that on three separate occasions the FBI director told him that he was not under investigation.

And why did the FBI director want to keep this secret? Because he wanted to keep his job. Comey made the mistake of believing that Trump would be politically prudent. He figured Trump would never fire him while he was under possible investigation (in the public's mind) because there would be such an appearance of impropriety. He figured wrong. This is the bombastic billionaire we're talking about. Of course, Trump threw caution into the wind and pulled the trigger.

Comey's testimony tomorrow, hopefully, will mark the beginning of the end of the fake Russia Collusion narrative.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration unmasking scandal is just getting started.


"The most trusted name in news."

Those silly-billies!

Top that, if you dare.

I will be writing more extensively about this tonight in a column, but the interesting thing to me about Comey's prepared testimony is that after it was promulgated the stock market, which had been drifting down all day, allegedly in dread of his testimony, went up.  I read it through and it seemed to me that there was no there there too.  But more later.

I'm Steve Green and I approve this message.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released former FBI Director James Comey's prepared testimony ahead of the hearing, tomorrow.

Main takeaways:

Trump REALLY wanted Comey to let America know that he was not under investigation because he felt like it was a cloud over his presidency. Comey refused to do that. Some are speculating that this is the real reason Comey was fired.

In his first meeting with Comey at the White House, he requested "honest loyalty" from the FBI director, saying: “You will always get honesty from me.”

As has already been leaked to the media, Trump, according to Comey (and I believe him), said, regarding former national security adviser Michael Flynn: “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go."

According to Never-Trumper Ben Shapiro, Comey's testimony is a "disaster" for Dems.

There are no bombshells, here -- just Trump acting a bit inappropriately at times, which we should all be used to, by now.

A full transcript of the testimony is here. (First and only time I will ever link to Vox.)

Here are a few videos taken by Islamic State terrorists as they assaulted the Iranian parliament building and the Ayatollah Khomeini tomb.

The first video is of the attack on parliament, the second, apparently the assault on the tomb.

Daily Caller:

Islamic State terrorists struck at the heart of the Islamic Republic of Iran Wednesday in a complex attack, part of which was broadcasted minutes after by the terrorist group’s official news agency.

The terrorist is heard shouting “Thank God! Do you think that we are going to leave? We will remain here, God willing,” throughout the video.

The attack killed 12 and injured dozens more as two pairs of terrorists made their way through Iran’s parliament building, and struck the shrine of deceased Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khoemeni. The attack marks the first successful attempt by the terrorist group in Iran.


Via Astronomy Picture of the Day, amazing video of Jupiter by Juno.

Chutzpah, anyone?

North Korea slams Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris accord as ‘the height of egotism’

This is coming from the little man who has had his "enemies" executed by a firing squad armed with a four-barrel antiaircraft gun.

In a statement published Tuesday on Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and attributed to a foreign ministry spokesman who wasn't named, the isolated country warned that “global warming is one of the gravest challenges humankind is facing today” and praised the Paris accord for its attempt to stop it.

Noting that the Trump administration had announced on June 1 that the U.S. would leave the landmark agreement, the unnamed official said that this was because of the president's “America First” policies and an ignorance “of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests.”

“This is the height of egotism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being at the cost of the entire planet,” the statement said.

Mr. President? When you're on Li'l Kim's bad side, you're doing something right.

Okay, when Courtney Love is a voice of sanity....