Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

On the Fox News Special Report roundtable this evening, it took a Brit to put the recent turmoil surrounding the embattled president into perspective.

The latest "bombshell" to drop on Trump is, of course, the New York Times story alleging that he tried to pressure former FBI Director Comey into ending the FBI's investigation of Michael Flynn.

Amid much hand-wringing and kvetching amongst the other panelists,  Steve Hilton, a former adviser to former Prime Minister David Cameron, said this:

I just think there's a pattern emerging here, which is President Trump does something or says something that is out of the realm of what a normal  professional politician would do. Sometimes it's serious, sometimes less so. But the reaction all the time is just an eruption of pompous bloviating  about a constitutional crisis and a threat to democracy and most of the time I think that's a misunderstanding.

The real story here is likely to be cock-up rather than conspiracy. It's someone who's not done this before, and encountering the complexities of office. And you'll say that's the point of having an outsider. The real question I think is, is it even possible for an outsider to really lead and govern or are they going to be so consumed by the complexities of  the job and actually attacked and destroyed by the professional political class that can't stand the fact that he's there in the first place? That we're going to be stuck with professional politicians forever?

Nailed it.

Hilton finally gets his turn to talk at 6:44.