Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Liz mentioned the death of blogger Bob Owens in her news update this morning. I thought a few personal observations about Bob would be in order.

Bob and I began to blog about the same time and for the same reason: the 2004 presidential campaign. His blog, Confederate Yankee, was a regular morning stop for me and we often linked each other when we covered the same topics.

When I began to work for PJ Media, I asked Bob to write about Second Amendment issues for us. His defense of gun rights was always concise and brilliant. He knew all the arguments made by the gun control lobby and had a quick, decisive response that almost always cut the legs from underneath their sophistry.

I also had Bob as an occasional guest on my radio show. His friends today are describing Bob as someone who stood up for Second Amendment rights. As his advocacy on my radio show revealed, that's an understatement. Bob was a fierce, unrelenting, uncompromising defender of the right to bear arms and worked tirelessly to ensure that right. You might have been able to tie Owens in passionate defense of the Second Amendment, but you couldn't beat him.

The Washington Post story mentions that police believe Bob committed suicide. That doesn't sound like the Bob that I knew, but then, I really only knew the online personae that Bob let everyone see. If he was beset by personal demons that led to him taking his own life, he didn't allow them to interfere with what he saw as his life's work.