Tuesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

This just in from W. Virginia:

No surprise there. Blankenship is a hot mess of a man who is on the path to utter self-destruction, a la Roy Moore. Republicans surely dodged a bullet with his loss tonight.



Governor, Democrats:

62.3%   Richard Cordray     349,204
21.8%   Dennis Kucinich     122,397
10%   Joe Schiavoni      55,902
3.3%   Bill O'Neill      18,680
1.5%   Paul Ray      8,208
1%   Larry Ealy      5,867

Governor, Republicans

59.7%   Mike DeWine    429,584
40.3%   Mary Taylor   290,533

Senate, Republicans

46.5%   Jim Renacci   308,025
32.1%   Mike Gibbons   212,584
13.3%   Melissa Ackison   88,209
4.1%   Dan Kiley   26,981
4%   Don Eckhart   26,392

Senate, Democrats: Incumbent Sherrod Brown ran unoppoesd.


Senate, Republicans*

41.2%   Mike Braun   207,977
30%   Todd Rokita   151,306
28.9%   Luke Messer   145,853

W. VIRGINIA: Senate Democrats: Incumbent Donnelly ran unopposed.

Senate, Democrats

69.8%   Joe Manchin   104,149
30.2%   Paula Jean Swearengin     45,146

Senate, Republicans

34.8%   Patrick Morrisey    44,033
29.1%   Evan Jenkins    36,784
20.1%  Don Blankenship    25,422
9.9%  Thomas Willis    12,485
3.1%  Bo Copley      3,934
3.1%  Jack Newbrough       3,871


The state had several House races up for grabs. I won't' recap them all, but you can view the results here.

Buckle up, folks! It's going to be a wild ride between now and November.

*This post has been updated to reflect accurate numbers for the Indiana Senate race.

W.V. Senate candidate Don Blankenship REALLY does not like Mitch McConnell:

He's still in third place with 19.8% of the vote with 77% of precincts reporting.

Election update: 

Still no definitive results in the W. Va. Senate primary. 

Morrisey now has 36%, Jenkens with 28%, Blankenship with 19.5%, and Willis with 10.5%. With 52% of precincts reporting, it seems unlikely that 'Cocaine Mitch' Blankenship will be able to pull out a win.

In Ohio, the Senate race has been called for Rep. Jim Renacci, who managed to garner nearly half the votes in a 5-way primary.

Final results:

Jim Renacci 45.4%

Mike Gibbons 32.5%

Melissa Ackison 13.7%

Dan Kiley  4.2%

Don Eckhart 4.2%

Renacci will face uber-liberal incumbent Sherrod Brown in November. Renacci has assured me that his campaign will resurrect this 2006 campaign ad against Brown the General Election.

To this day every time I hear the name Sherrod Brown, I think "Sherrod Brown let us down."

In Indiana:

Greg Pence, brother of VP Mike Pence, handily won his race for the House seat formerly held by his brother with 65.3% of the vote.


Results for today's primary elections are beginning to trickle in.


Former senator and current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) will face the former head of Obama's Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Richard Cordray (D). DeWine crushed Mary Taylor, Kasich's lt. governor, 62 percent to 37 percent. Cordray beat out former Congressman Dennis Kucinich 62-22.

The hotly contested race for the Senate is still up for grabs with Congressman Jim Renacci currently ahead of political newcomer Mike Gibbons 44-34 with 11 percent of the vote in.


For the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Joe Donnelly: Mike Braun beat Todd Rokita, 41 percent to 29 percent.


Senator Joe Manchin beat his challenger, Paula Jean Swearengin, 69 percent to 31 percent. Who Manchin will face in November is still up for grabs with about one-fourth of precincts reporting:

33.6% Patrick Morrisey

28.6% Evan Jenkins

21.3% Don Blankenship

10%  Thomas Willis

Some polls had Don "China people" Blankenship up in the days leading up to the election, but it's not looking good for him right now.


The state has a bunch of House races up for grabs. I won't' recap them all, but you can view the results here.

PJM will update you when we get final results for some of these key races.