Tuesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

What a nightmare for the people on this flight:

“First there was an explosion and almost immediately, the oxygen masks came down and, probably within a matter of 10 seconds, the engine then hit a window and busted it wide open,” said Martinez.

Martinez says a woman was critically injured.

“There was blood everywhere,” Martinez explained.

That woman has since reportedly died at the hospital.

Here's the eerily quiet scene on the plane in the wake of the explosion:

People are commenting on the calm and confident demeanor of the female pilot during what had to be an incredibly stressful situation. At this point, she thought a passenger had gone out the window.

Actually, a woman had been sucked halfway out and passengers had to pull her back in.

At 16 I was making $1.75/hour at Reardon's Bedford Bakery, selling houskas and scrubbing an endless supply of mixing bowls and doughnut trays. I was a responsible kid, but knew nothing about anything related to public policy. A year earlier I had been coerced by my card-carrying union member teachers to go door to door pushing a school levy I knew nothing about (much to the chagrin of my union Democrat parents who never met a school levy—or any tax increase—they liked).

Children today aren't any smarter than I was. In fact, they're dumber. Sure, there were kids who took stupid chances when I was a growing up, but I don't remember anyone doing anything as stupid as eating Tide Pods or huffing cinnamon. We're in big trouble if these dummies start voting.

Every day I wake up happy that she isn't President, and today I'm happy knowing she never will be.

This tweet from James Comey from last month is not aging well:

As I reported here,  FBI employees both current and retired have been coming out of the woodwork to express how mortified they are by Comey's behavior.

Your must-read of the day:

The American Spectator's George Neumayr really lets Comey have it.


On Monday afternoon, Washington was stunned to find out that Hannity was a client of the president's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Liberal media types on Twitter have been gunning for Hannity since that "bombshell" court disclosure yesterday, even though he says Cohen has never represented him in an official capacity. Hannity claims he merely  had "brief discussions" occasionally with Cohen about legal questions -- mostly about real estate.


Whelp -- Fox News has weighed in -- and there are a lot of disappointed "blue check-mark comrades" (as Greg Gutfeld puts it) out there today.