Tuesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

A little something to brighten up your afternoon -- these guys are impressive. Most impressive.



Social media in practice is anything but social. It's a digitally enabled mob.

Good to know that all kids aren't snowflakes or leftist puppets:

From the CBS post:

Hundreds of students walked out of class Tuesday morning to support a teacher who was placed an administrative leave for his comments on the high school shooting in Parkland, FloridaCBS Philadelphiareports. Timothy Locke, an AP history teacher, was placed on administrative leave after voicing his concerns over security at Cherry Hill High School East. Locke said a similar shooting could take place at the school and said two police officers are not armed on campus, The Associated Press reports.

After Locke voiced his concerns, a student was so distraught she was escorted by another teacher to the principal's office. The incident led to the school's decision to suspend Locke.

On Tuesday, the students marched along a nearby street and around the school track to support Locke. Some parents attended the march to support the students.

The teacher made a sane, valid point and the school sided with an emotionally weak child. There's the real danger in American public schools in a nutshell.

I am now once again a resident of my native Arizona and am very glad that this clown will be out of office soon: