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Tuesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

You Can Grow Maggots in Your Instant Pot if You Don’t Clean This Part!!

I know we have some Instant Pot cultists loyalists around these parts (except for the remarkably recalcitrant Steve Green) so consider this a public service announcement. Via Real Simple:

Cutting right to the chase, said friend pulled out their Instant Pot last week to find maggots (yes—maggots) growing in the condensation collector.

Realistically, what happened in the tragic case of the Instant Pot pictured above can be traced back to the fact that the appliance isn’t used all that often, maybe once or twice a month. And on those occasions the IP was used, the condensation collector was neglected during clean-up—thus, leaving liquid, containing particles of food and fat from the cooking process, trapped in the plastic cup while the appliance was stashed away in a dark cabinet for a few weeks. I probably don’t need to tell you that this entire scenario is a breeding ground for something disgusting, right?

Yeah, you don't want that. Mine broke off the week after I bought my IP and I haven't used the condensation cup since. After seeing this, I'm not going to bother replacing it. If you still have yours, be sure to clean it thoroughly every time you use your IP.


Your (almost) Daily Bee:

That's a miracle I could sink my teeth into.

In praise of comedy done very, very well:

The Los Angeles Magazine interview with O'Hara calls her "one of our finest imports," and I couldn't agree more.

Around the holidays at the end of last year, I binge-watched the first two seasons of O'Hara's current show "Schitt's Creek" at the suggestion of my best friend. When I heard that O'Hara was working with Eugene Levy again I was annoyed with myself for not having found out sooner.

The show is one of the few comedies in the last decade and a half to get a laugh out of me. And it gets a lot of laughs out of me. The entire cast is superb. There isn't a wasted performance. Levy's son Daniel writes comedy as well as he acts it.

When I called my buddy to give him my assessment after watching a few episodes, I couldn't stop marveling about O'Hara's performance. I'd forgotten how ridiculously good she is. Her character in this show is written as over-the-top and she is one of the few actresses who can play something like that even bigger than it's written and still make it more about the timing than just the outlandish nature of the role.

As a stand-up, I'm not always much of a fan of sketch comedy or the people who do it. More often than not, it's self-indulgent and tedious. When it's good, however, it's very good. As a young comedian, I loved Canada's "SCTV," which featured not only O'Hara and Levy, but John Candy, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis and many others. It was insane and hilarious.

I don't want to undersell Eugene Levy's performance in "Schitt's Creek" here. His chops have aged like fine wine as well. However, even if every other role in the show put me to sleep, O'Hara would keep me watching.

We can't allow the second anniversary of Justice Scalia's death to pass without notice. Twitter is (predictably) lit up with vicious liberals virtue signaling about a man who's been gone for two years, screeching about how Republicans "stole" his seat and other such vituperative nonsense. I won't bother posting any of those — they're not worth the space nor aggravation. Instead, here are some fitting tributes:

Be sure to watch at least the first minute of this video to see Scalia own Dianne Feinstein. How has this woman been in the House since 1992 and elected office since 1978?