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State of the Union Speech Liveblog

Join your PJM HOT MIC team tonight to for our State of the Union liveblog, beginning at 8:45 p.m. EST.



This poll shows that Americans who watched the SOTU speech overwhelmingly liked what they saw. Dems should be rethinking their sour reactions tonight -- especially the ones who boycotted.

What's the deal with the "Scared" option, btw?  Who were these 14 percenters who responded that the speech "scared" them? Did CBS ever feel the need to include that option after one of Obama's SOTU speeches?


In other news, stoic Neil Gorsuch has become a meme.

Bernie Sanders did his own separate response to Trump's State of the Union, and immediately faced "technical difficulties."

So far it's a dark and frankly depressingly negative Dem response from a nervous Kennedy who is terrible at public speaking.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III goes overboard...