Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Could your very sexual preferences be a form of societal oppression?

Don't Like 'Women With Penises'? You Need to Be Reeducated.

This transgender activist argues that Americans need to rethink their sexual preferences, to make sure they aren't harboring any doubts that trans men and trans women are real men and women.

"I'm trying to show that preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society," declares YouTube star Riley J. Dennis, in a video entitled "Are genital preferences transphobic?" Spoiler alert: she thinks they are.

"Some people are making the argument that it's not cissexist at all to only be attracted to people with one kind of genitals," Dennis noted. "These people might argue that being attracted to only women with vaginas in no way negatively affects trans people," but she said "it's more complicated than that."

Aren't your sexual preferences your own business? Nope.

Tellingly, she addresses the complaint that "I'm allowed to have my preferences!" Technically, this is correct, the YouTube star concedes. But that's not the whole story.

"Ignoring the deeper issues by stopping at a surface-level analysis doesn't do this issue any justice," Dennis argues. "If we look a little deeper into this issue, there's the possibility of your genital preferences being at least somewhat partially informed by growing up in a cissexist society."

In the era of "social justice," your personal preferences are everyone's business. Read more about this transgender activism here.