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Tuesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

With friends like these...

The sad thing is that Kristof and the little MSM Kool-Aid drinkers probably think he made a good point.

He didn't.

That ridiculous ad put out by the Latino Victory Project has been taken down.

The video, which was released on Monday, was removed from YouTube some time today and can no longer be seen on LVP's website.

The ad showed a white, redneck Gillespie voter driving a pick-up truck (with a Confederate flag flying in the back) and chasing down and terrorizing ethnically diverse children through the streets.

The ad was  so over the top, it actually looked like an attempt at political satire. Today, after the truck-ramming terrorist attack in NYC, the Democrat operatives who posted the ad must have decided it was no longer politically helpful. It certainly was never appropriate.


If you use the popular messaging platform, you know what I'm talking about. Right at this moment people around the world are scrambling, trying to remember how they used to communicate with co-workers before Slack came along. God forbid we should have to pick up the phone and call someone! (Kruiser has resorted to texting me.)

Well, maybe not that bad, but it is rather inconvenient. One thing I do know is that some tech guys and gals are going to have a VERY long night.

In the meantime:

Did Sayfullo Saipov foreshadow his terrorist attack in NYC back in August?



Happy Halloween!