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Looks like there will be a runoff in Georgia, although Ossoff is said to be overperforming.


Speaking of Chelsea Clinton memes...

Can anyone think of a reason why the AP would translate “Allahu Akbar” into English other than to downplay a narrative that is inconvenient to liberals? The words contain roughly the same amount of characters in the tweet. Virtually everyone who can read knows what “Allahu Akbar” means.

So bizarre.

Love this:

Happy Tuesday: It's over.

Charlie Martin suggested all of us end our broadcast day with our favorite meme, and who am I to refuse a suggestion like that?

More to come!

Georgia 6: Democrat Jon Ossoff is in the lead right now, but only 1 percent reporting.

New York Times screenshot of Georgia 6 election results.

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In other news, Dems are mad at CNN for asking Jon Ossoff a simple question.

My candidate for meme of the day: