Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Well, there's probably one major network that isn't in the running:

More from Page Six:

The major networks are fighting over signing Ronan Farrow following his bombshell Harvey Weinsteinscoop in the New Yorker.

Farrow’s deal with NBC and MSNBC is up — and sources say he’s still working freelance for the network but is dragging his feet to sign another exclusive deal.

TV news insiders say that ABC, CNN and CBS are now aggressively pursuing Farrow. “All of the major news networks are interested in signing Ronan,” said a source. “His reporting brought down a giant and changed the worldwide conversation about sexual harassment.”

We’re told that Farrow — who’s currently freelancing for NBC — is in less of a hurry to sign up again for an exclusive deal with the Peacock Network, in part because NBC had refused to run his Weinstein scoop, even though it had commissioned him to investigate the movie mogul in the first place. And so he took it to the New Yorker.

Honestly, until his report on Weinstein I had always found Farrow's work to be painfully vapid. His MSNBC show was dull and short-lived. He's another one of the endless parade of legacy hires that happen in leftist media. That piece in The New Yorker, however, was some stone-cold real journalism, which is probably why NBC shied away from it.

Can't have anyone showing up the fluff piece "journalists" now, can we?