Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Berkeley likes to think of itself as the birthplace of the free speech movement, but it really isn't fond of any such thing whenever conservatives are supposed to speak there. They're being a pain about the venue that Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak in there. Amy Lutz, program officer for  Young America's Foundation (YAF) (the event's sponsor), mentioned it on Twitter earlier.

Fifteen grand should buy some good faith, especially about the number of seats available in the venue:

HotAir reports that the seating is being reduced because the school is closing the balcony, which is now apparently the most dangerous place on Earth with a conservative speaking.

So the justification for closing the balcony is that a) someone will throw something at people below causing injuries or b) someone will “fall” over the edge. The email doesn’t specify who might be responsible for these potential injuries but it’s not hard to work out. The danger here isn’t from conservatives or from open-minded students coming to hear the lecture, it’s from so-called anti-fascists, i.e. people who label everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders a fascist.

The less-than-subtle message here is that mob rule still prevails on campus when any non-commie is speaking.

Kudos to YAF though for continuing to fight this fight. They are an energetic, well-organized group of passionate young people who continue to remind us that there may be hope for the future. You can learn more about them here.