Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

My high school honors English teacher, Paul Baltz, used to pound into us (with a very long pointer stick named Junior) that "never is never correct and always is always wrong." This was a good lesson to learn. I avoid using the words never and always in my writing — unless I'm going for hyperbole. In mediating fights between my children, I stop them when they claim "she ALWAYS does that!" -- and make them acknowledge that always is always wrong. A few people could use that lesson today, coupled with a sharp rap on the knuckles with a long stick. First there's everyone making the statement that DACA recipients are "all good people." That's as absurd a claim as "women are always right." For every "good" DACA case you can find, I can find a lowlife. Like this guy who is a suspect in the murder of a woman outside a bar. So let's not muddy the issue with meaningless hyperbole. Instead, how about looking at the facts and leaving our feelings out of it?

Then there's this poor chap, a leftover from the Bush and Reagan administrations, who has had a mental breakdown on Facebook over the last 24 hours, calling 100% of Trump supporters "racists." (There's that troublesome "all, always" thing again.)

After being called out by thousands of people, including black Trump supporters, he continued to dig that hole.

Oh well...in that case.

I now have a better understanding of why George W. Bush was such a disappointment to me if he was hiring guys like this. His Facebook page reads like an Antifa manual. For real. How did he get hired by two Republican presidents? The swamp is deep, folks.