Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

35 cars in line for gas.

PJ Media's anonymous photographer waited in line behind 34 other cars to get gas. He also snagged some photos of other drivers filling up.

Here's Rusty, who drove 80 miles from Arcadia and waited an hour in line to fill up his tank.

Man fills up truck with gas. Photo of a man named Rusty filling up gas in Florida after Hurricane Irma

Here's Amanda, a 26-year-old woman from Lehigh Acres. She waited in line in Ft. Myers for an hour, and the station ran out of gas before they got there. She waited 25 minutes at another gas station and finally filled up her gas cans which feed generators for six families.

The power in her neighborhood will be restored on September 22, and they have no cell service and no Internet.


Woman in her twenties fills up extra jugs of gas in Florida after Hurricane Irma Photo of a girl named Amanda who is filling up extra gallon jugs of gasoline at a gas station in Florida.