Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

File under just desserts. A Florida professor has been relieved of his job for tweeting his vile wishes that Texans deserved Hurricane Harvey. Ken Storey tweeted this in the aftermath of Harvey (and his is not even the worst tweet out there by a lot).

Fox reports on the firing.

It makes you wonder, with all the accusations being flung from the left toward the right accusing us of hatred and inhumanity, how they think anyone is buying it when stuff like this keeps happening. If you want to lose even more faith in humanity, see Twitchy's round up of the worst anti-Trump tweets targeted at the red state of Texas during this terrible disaster.

Vilest of the VILE: Here are the 10 most awful, HATEFUL political takes on Houston (so far!)

Meanwhile, Texans doing what Texans do (displaying vile, toxic masculinity) and saving the day. Swoon. If I were single, I'd be headed to Texas to get me one of these. Just sayin'.