Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

A representative republic can be uncomfortable at times for the representatives.

The Denver Post called the crowd's behavior "an embarrassment for the left".

After a year of hiding out, Sen. Cory Gardner emerged Tuesday in Colorado Springs, but really the crowd was so unruly at times he might as well have been a cardboard cutout.

You know, like the cardboard Cory who appeared at events this summer when the Republican senator refused to hold in-person public events. That’s apparently what the crowd who gathered at Pikes Peak Community College Tuesday morning really wanted: someone to yell at, about President Donald Trump and health care.

A woman dressed in a chicken costume at the front entrance — a nod to Gardner’s fear of public events of late — stood next to a nearly life-sized cutout of the senator and cracked a joke about his stature.

Gardner was met with hostility, rudeness and aggression. He was unable to speak over a crowd that yelled things like “single payer” and “you suck.”

As long as they don't become violent, constituents have a right to be as angry as they want, of course. A shout-fest rather defeats the purpose of the town hall setting, however.

We saw the other side of this coin in the early days of Obamacare, when those opposed were voicing their displeasure to the Democrats who held town halls, which not many did at first. The difference is that those crowds were portrayed as astroturf efforts by conservative money people, with ZOMG THE KOCH BROTHERS being Public Enemies numbers one and two.

It's far more likely that Lady Chicken Suit was paid for her appearance by some union money. Those things don't just grow on trees.