Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

This is how the media operates in sync with the institutional Left and the Democratic Party to create a false narrative. Take a look at this tweet from the The Hill:

The insinuation that the president's voter fraud commission (which PJ Media editor J. Christian Adams and frequent contributor Hans von Spakovsky are members of) is attempting to operate outside the law is clear.

Of course, a quick read of the article reveals that the tweet is outrageously misleading.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a non-profit, is attempting to halt the commission's request for all states and Washington, D.C. to send it their publicly available voter data. I wrote extensively on this last week with this piece -- No, 44 States Didn’t Reject Trump’s Election Integrity Commission: Anatomy of a CNN #FakeNews Narrative -- in which I pointed out that the commission only asked for information that each state, according to each state's respective laws, makes available to the public. The Commission merely wished to save $130,000 or so in taxpayer money by asking for the data free of administrative charge, fees which range as high as $30,000 in some states.

EPIC is trying to prevent PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information from reaching the Commission, which is insane.

And their tactic for doing so is to claim that the Commission didn't follow the procedures that, say, the State Department would need to follow in requesting PRIVATE data. Also insane.

Those irrelevant procedures are in place solely because actual Executive Branch departments have powers that the Commission does not.

In fact, the Commission has no power at all. It can only offer recommendations:

“The Commission is not an agency subject to the APA and the E-Government Act because it lacks ‘substantial independent authority in the exercise of specific functions.’ The Commission reports directly to the President and is ‘solely advisory,’” attorneys in the Department of Justice argued in court documents.

The attorneys, who include Chad Readler, acting assistant attorney general for the civil division, said the commission was created to "submit a report to the President that identifies rules and activities that enhance and undermine the American people’s confidence in the integrity of the voting process used in Federal elections” and to identify “vulnerabilities in voting systems ... that could lead to Improprieties.”

The Commission has no regulatory, funding, or enforcement powers, nor does it have any independent administrative responsibilities,” the attorneys said in court briefs. “Instead, it exists solely to provide research and advice to the President. It is not, therefore, an ‘agency.’”


Of course, The Hill was happy to run with that tweet -- and everything it implied -- to further paint a commission intended to address the estimated 1 in 8 voter registrations that contain a serious error by examining PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information to simply produce a REPORT as some sort of devious, racist "voter suppression" scheme.

Let's hope The Hill's readers are smarter than that.