Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Who the hell is the "Crown Prosecutor of Russia" as described in the Goldstone email? "The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father."

This is how the Washington Post describes him:

Yuri Yakovlevich Chaika. There is no “Crown prosecutor” in Russia, because Russia isn’t a monarchy. (This is perhaps a function of Goldstone’s country of origin.) The Times reports that the reference on Page 4 is to Chaika, Russia’s prosecutor general. Chaika has been in that position since June 2006, when he was first nominated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. (He is in his second term, being renominated by then-President Dmitry Medvedev in 2011.)

This is the "high level" Russian official that was passing along Hillary dirt, according to the Times.

Is the "prosecutor general" of Russia a "high level" official? Somehow, I don't see him having any kind of a close relationship with Putin.  And Chaika wasn't even the source of the Hillary dirt. It was his father Aras:

Aras Agalarov. Agalarov is the president of the Crocus Group, a Moscow-based real estate development firm that licensed the Miss Universe pageant from the Trump Organization in 2013 to host its pageant in the Russian capital. This is the point at which Agalarov and his son, Emin, became associated with the Trumps.

Agalarov is mentioned on Page 4 in an email from Goldstone as having met with the “Crown prosecutor of Russia” who offered to provide incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

Getting down to brass tacks, why would Putin or anyone in his inner circle use these people as go betweens? And why would they contact Trump Jr.? Why not some lower level aide to give Trump Jr. protection -- if they were going to collude to bring Clinton down?

What makes all of this so surreal to me is that we have Russians and Americans openly communicating to commit treason. Sorry but that just doesn't track.