Tuesday's HOT MIC

Tuesday's HOT MIC


Let's face it: When it comes to the stink of the GOP ObamaCare Semi-Alternative, this fish started rotting from the head down.

President Trump.

Trump never wanted repeal, either. He wants to keep the popular parts of the law, and ditch the unpopular parts required to make the popular parts function (sort of). And Ryan and McConnell, bless their hearts, have done their level best to square Trump's circle.

Complicating things, Trump hasn't exactly stumped for any particular repeal or replacement, and has in fact been undercutting the support of his own party on Capitol Hill.

Anyway, I've spent the last few weeks on Instapundit trying to remind the GOP Congress to represent the actual people who sent them there to repeal the damn law, but it's clear they now have no intention of doing so. If they ever did. Maybe a President who was really interested in a serious repeal or reform bill could whip up a majority, but that's not the President we have, is it?

So if it's true that our representatives aren't representing us, it's also true that on this issue, President Trump has been anything but presidential.