HOT MIC: Latest Updates On the Nail-Biter in Georgia 6

Tonight's version of HOT MIC follows the play-by-play results of the Georgia 6th congressional district runoff election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. For more background on the race, read this article. Then come back for updates!

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In conclusion.

Handel likely won because of Ossoff fatigue, her connection to the Scalise shooting, the unpopularity of Nancy Pelosi, or just because the people of Georgia 6 happen to be Republicans who like Republican policies. Find more elsewhere on PJ Media:

Here are five take-aways from the Georgia 6 runoff.

You'll never guess who the YUUUGE loser in the election was.

The Ossoff mockery continues.

Here's Speaker Ryan's statement.

Democratic strategist emphasizes GOP spending.

Yes, Republicans spent $20 million defending a seat.

But that's because: 1- Dems spent $30 million, 2- special election with few other races at the time, 3- Georgia 6 has become more Democratic, with young and minority voters moving there.

I have a YUUUGE post on this already up focusing on Hollywood - the big loser tonight.  But I just have a question about Nate Silver.  Who in God's name made him such an expert? Nobody is.  It's all baloney.  I'm an election expert because I am - phooey.  Handel won by a fairly easy five points.  No one predicted that. There's no such thing as a "terrorism expert" either.  How many times have they ever told you something you didn't already know?

What about the polls?

So the polls were off.

But there are a few important notes on this. First, polls usually have undecided voters, who often break at the last moment. A few things likely boosted Handel right at the end: the fact that the Scalise shooter targeted her, the news that Ossoff had most of his donors in California, but more than anything else, Ossoff fatigue.

The Democrat and his allies spent $30 million on this race, most of that on ads. This morning, PJ Media reported the general fatigue of Georgia 6 voters. It's likely that fatigue applied even more directly to Ossoff. He was the main focus, not only of more money than Handel (who had about $20 million spent on her), but also of the media narrative from the beginning of this runoff.

So were the polls off? Yes. But voters might have switched to Handel right at the end.

President Trump to Karen Handel: "I'm proud of you."

Conservative women rub it in.

Here's Liz Wheeler.

KellyAnne Conway: This election was a referendum on Trump.

Trump agenda, full speed ahead.

Here's Ossoff's concession speech.

Now, there's the Trump we know!

President thanks Fox News for declaring Georgia 6 a victory for Trump.

To be fair, Handel didn't exactly run as a Trump protege, but the Democrats engineered the most expensive congressional race in history in order to derail Trump's agenda. When they failed, Trump must win, at least a little bit.

So, Democrats (and others) spent $30 million failing to elect Jon Ossoff.

What would you do with that money?


Decision Desk 100 percent reporting.

Handel: 52.7 percent, 128,231 votes.

Ossoff: 47.3 percent, 115,126 votes.

But Nate Silver warns that the margins still matter.

[If] you’re using special elections as benchmarks for what might happen in 2018, Democrats’ overperformance in South Carolina 5 is as impressive as Republicans’ holding on in Georgia 6. To the extent that the results could matter for things like the health care vote, it’s a good night for Republicans. To the extent that we’re forecasting 2018, I’m really not so sure.