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Bruce Campbell for the win, folks.

It's been a long news day, so I'd like to take a break and introduce you to the newest member of my family.

My wife had warned me she might just come home on some random day with our third dog, and today turned out to be that day.

Both my boys got to contribute to it, so his full name is Chewbacca Skipper Jackson Green, but I'm pretty sure we'll just call him Chewie -- aka, The World's Most Spoiled Puppy™.

Yes, already.

We've already seen many cities and towns pass ordinances that make it illegal for a kid to set up a lemonade stand without a license. Yard sales are now regulated by the CPSC.

What's next, you ask? It is now illegal for teens in Gardendale, AL, to cut your grass without a license.

Teenagers have been threatened by officials and other lawn services to show their city issued license before cutting a person's lawn for extra summer cash.

Cutting grass is often one of the first jobs many have in the summer. But a business license in Gardendale costs $110. And for a job, just for a couple of months, that can be a bit extreme.

"I have never heard of a child cutting grass had to have a business license," said Elton Campbell.

Campbell's granddaughter cuts grass around the neighborhood.

"She charges one lady $20, and another lady $30, and another girl $40 besides what we pay her," said Campbell.

For her, this was the perfect summer gig!

"Just helping out and raising money for admissions and trips," said Alainna Parris.

But now, it's becoming a hassle.

"One of the men that cuts several yards made a remark to one of our neighbors, 'that if he saw her cutting grass again that he was going to call Gardendale because she didn't have a business license," said Campbell.

"He's coming after a kid when a kid is at least trying to do work. There's kids at home on iPads and electronics and not wanting to go outside," said Parris.

I understand that most local governments are strapped for cash, but is this really the way to go about solving the problem? Americans are being nickeled and dimed to death by fees while enterprise is being smothered by over-licensing.

Something is radically wrong with discouraging children to become independent and learn about the value of money and how hard it is to make.


BREAKING: Fighting at Resort World Manila.

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Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) warns that a Border-Adjustment Tax (BAT) would destroy tax reform.

Here's why many conservative groups consider the BAT to be the biggest threat to tax reform in the Trump era. According to one study, it would actually hurt the very industries it is intended to help.

If you're not watching the weeping and gnashing of teeth on CNN right now over President Trump "ditching the climate deal" you are really missing out on some serious fun. Someone needs to take a valium-filled dart gun to Fareed Zakaria STAT—before he harms himself. Any minute I expect them to start running this on the split-screen:

The words they're using to describe the decision are hilarious: Sad. Disappointing. Irresponsible. Tribal. Terrible. Tragic. Nonsense. Uncertainty.

"I'm about to cry," lamented poor Van Jones.

Sen. Rand Paul made Jake Tapper look foolish in this debate about climate change and it was a beautiful thing to behold.

CNN keeps trying to hammer home the idea that so-called green jobs are outpacing jobs in the coal industry. But Zakaria just explained why that's happening: "Clean energy does require government subsidies right now," he admitted. Coal miners in Ohio and West Virginia should be so lucky.

You'd think they'd learn their lesson.