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 The North Korean regime said the move was unexpected, and that there was no change in the country’s will to do the best for peace.

Okay, this made me laugh:

Watching MSMers argue all week that a paid informant for the FBI in a counterintelligence investigation is not a "spy" is pretty funny all by itself. But it became uproariously funny when they decided to push the "it was for Trump's own good" narrative.

Wouldn't they have just given him a head's up about suspected Russian activity around his campaign if that's what they were actually worried about? Instead of -- you know - spying on his campaign?

If the Democrats think Stacey Abrams' "historic" candidacy for governor of Georgia is the way forward, they have another thing coming, says Karl Rove:

Unlike most Democratic candidates for statewide office in the South, Ms. Abrams shows little interest in appealing to independents or disaffected Republicans. She blames the Georgia Democrats’ poor showing in 2014 on efforts to appeal to what she calls the “very middle of the road.” Is support from the Democrats’ “resistance” base enough to carry her to the governor’s mansion?

We’ll see. But running as a doctrinaire progressive with heavy-handed appeals to minorities, the young and unmarried women is a perilous strategy at best. Red states rarely turn blue without help from swing voters. Ms. Abrams, who owes the federal government $54,000 in back taxes, would need to carry each of her target groups by massive margins while boosting their share of the turnout to even have a chance.

I noted here at Hot Mic the other day the Reuters poll that shows the GOP now up by six points on the generic ballot. So I'm sticking to my fearless prediction: ain't gonna be no "blue wave." Nor will it be another "year of the woman," since most of the ladies are hard-left "progressives" who will go down in flames in November.

Counting on a blue tsunami in November, Democratic candidates believe the key to success is being the angriest candidate running furthest to the left. That may work in some places. But Democrats are overestimating the chances that it will work in red and purple districts.

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones actually had to remind liberals not to defend MS-13 because, well, animals.

He was referring to this outrageous tweet:

I dunno guys. Sure, it’s a dog whistle. But MS-13 really is a deadly group that takes considerable pleasure in theatrical cruelty and revenge killings. The entire gang is roughly 10,000-strong in the United States, and it’s a pretty serious threat as these things go.

A few days ago Trump called them “animals,” and liberals went through a painfully contorted effort to demonstrate that Trump was talking not just about MS-13, but about everyone deported from the country. Trump finally made it clear that he was talking only about MS-13, so then the conversation shifted. It was now bad even to call MS-13 gang members animals. They’re human beings too after all.

And I guess that’s true, in the sense that we’re all equally children of God. But I suspect God is going to have some fairly sharp words for them on Judgment Day. In the meantime, do we really want to expend our energy in defending MS-13 just because Trump doesn’t like them? That’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? And speaking solely for myself, I’m perfectly happy to call them animals. It seems pretty accurate in their case.

This kind of stuff does nothing but waste our own time, make other people think we’re nuts, and give Trump terrific ammunition to use against us. How about if we dial down the political lens on every last thing and just agree that MS-13 is a bunch of very bad folks? They are, you know.

Our next lesson will be on how to tie your shoes...

Now this is the proper way to deal with idiot HOA nannies.