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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Annunciata d'Alesandro, aka Nancy Pelosi, aka Maerose Prizzi, the once (and future?) speaker of the House:

I was surprised by this:

I really expected a lot of anti-Trump wishcasting (Can you blame me?) in the article but it's a pretty good assessment of why Kennedy might stay.

Good news:

Live Action:

On May 15th, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma found in favor of four Christian universities in the state, in a consolidated case known as Southern Nazarene University v. Azar.

For five years, the four universities (Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Mid-America Christian University) had been seeking the ability to operate according to their Christian, pro-life beliefs. The case had been originally filed with the same federal district court as Southern Nazarene University v. Sebelius.

The contraceptive mandate was dealt a blow by the court — but not merely with regard to the four universities, which are permanently protected. The ruling also found that the mandate is in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which was part of the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion when ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods.

Who knows how long it will take to undo the Obamacare plague. The Republican majority in Congress can't make it happen (Thanks Maverick!) but with time and the president's loading of the courts with non-activist judges, sanity and freedom will creep back into the American way of life.

Some Republicans must have a death wish this election year. A bunch of "moderates" (moderate compared to who?) want to bring a bill to the floor to legalize DACA recipients and are just 5 votes short of getting a discharge petition to bypass the leadership and bring it to the floor.


What's called a discharge petition -- a rare procedural move that bypasses the committee and leadership process to put a bill directly on the floor (more on that below) -- is that close to reaching the number of Republicans that would be needed, assuming all Democrats sign on as well. A floor vote on a series of immigration bills would likely result in the passage of a bill that would offer DACA recipients a path to citizenship along with a package of border security funding and policy changes.

The effort has gotten so close that it is spooking leadership and conservatives, who are seeking ways to fight back that only further put pressure on House leadership.

This is where the immigration battle is as of Thursday:

There is no chance the senate will even take up an immigration bill this year and Trump will almost certainly veto such a measure.

So why bother?

Moderates are tired of being promised a vote they still haven't had and it's moderates who feel like their jobs will be on the line in November if they don't do something. Rep. Mike Coffman, a moderate with a large Latino population in Colorado, said for example he's just tired of being patient.

This is a big deal because Republican leadership in the House is finally having to reckon with immigration, an issue that deeply divides their party and could become a liability for them in the midterms.

The party as a whole is apt to lose more votes by even taking up the issue than leaving it be. Republicans are going to need every one of their voters to make the effort to vote if they are going to hold on to the House.

Bringing an immigration issue to the floor -- especially DACA -- will be seen as another betrayal by conservatives. How many will stay home as a result is anyone's guess but it could conceivably cost the GOP a few seats.

Oh-oh -- Former Deputy AG and briefly acting AG Sally Yates is apparently featured prominently in the upcoming IG report:

#DeepStatePress. Learn to recognize it when you see it -- even in unexpected places.