Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

We have a winner:

Paraphrasing Bill Clinton: it's the bureaucracy stupid.

From Jon's Op-Ed at

Before demanding more of Arizonans’ meager paychecks, our education community should reallocate the dollars they already spend.

According to the Arizona Auditor General, districts spent 53.5 percent of available operating dollars on instruction — the other 46.5 percent went to administration, plant operations, food service, transportation, student support and instruction support.

Granted, some of that spending is necessary. But the national average for non-instruction spending is just 39.2 percent.

As I have said and written many times, a bureaucracy exists solely to bloat and perpetuate itself, after a while anyway. As Jon notes, some of it is necessary. That, sadly, gets expanded upon all too quickly and unnecessarily in most bureaucracies (I'm being very generous with the "most" here).

On the rare occasions that I do still indulge liberals in debates, I argue against the bureaucracy rather than "the government." The latter sounds like a boilerplate conservative argument and has lost a lot of its teeth since the GOP has become the party of big bloat too. Everyone, however, hates bureaucracy, even liberals. Your most ardent Democrat isn't going to ever say, "I just had the most lovely trip to the DMV. My, what they've done to the place!"

Bureaucratic bloat is the perfect way to approach all spending increase arguments. Those of us who don't have the luxury of waving a taxpayer wand and having our incomes increase have to find ways to curb spending in order to have more money. It would be super cool if one day we could get the government to do the same.