Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

Honestly, I find the idea of Trump's past infidelities having a huge impact on our culture nothing short of absurd.

Everywhere I go, I am the most conservative person in the room -- and I mean socially as well as economically conservative. As a devout Catholic, I don't even believe in contraception. I do believe in the concept of mortal sin -- of the kind the president is unfortunately guilty. I, like most adults, can think for myself and will not suddenly be swayed into a life of sin because of a president's past conduct.

People who are inclined to behave immorally will behave as they will, regardless of the president's past behavior -- but certainly not with the approval of American culture -- especially the media culture that has raked Trump over the coals for his past conduct with What'sHerName.

If anything, those who are open to media suggestion/manipulation will be less inclined to behave more immorally after the media's treatment of Trump.

But most Americans didn't even want to know.