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May the fouth be with you! (HT: Kemberlee Kaye)

What I type into the Report box when iTunes crashes isn't suitable for a family blog.

Cute: This Newborn Posed for a Photo With His Mom’s ‘Failed’ IUD.

If I had thought ahead, I'd have taken baby pictures of my boys posed with empty wine bottles.

Well, there's always Photoshop...

On today's Right Angle: Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Yours Truly discuss the death of civil discourse, which was killed by those *&^#-)#@•ing mother#*(%#$s on the Left.

Okay, this looks killer:

Mark Perry is another Twitter feed worth watching:

This is why United sucks and Southwest doesn't:

When Peggy Uhle boarded her flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, she turned off her cell phone as the plane rolled away from the gate.

But she and her fellow passengers didn't get very far, because the plane suddenly turned around on the tarmac at Midway Airport and taxied back toward the gate.

Peggy and the rest of the passengers had no idea what was happening at all.

Go read the whole thing. We'll wait.

A woman who identifies as Hillary Clinton led police on a wild chase from Maryland into Pennsylvania earlier this week.  Ms. Clinton (aka 36-year-old  Holly Lynn Donahoo, of Louisville, Kentucky) was caught after police put spike strips in the road to flatten her tires.

The New York Post notes, "it’s unclear why she identified herself as Hillary Clinton" -- which is all the more reason to be sensitive to her wishes. If self-identity is a social construct, and if this woman identifies as drunk Hillary Clinton, are we not small-minded bigots to refer to her otherwise?

She was charged with driving under the influence and fleeing or eluding the police.


Let me get this straight. When something good happens, like the Senate confirming Neil Gorsuch, Trump gets all the credit because STRONG LEADERSHIP. When something bad happens, like Republicans passing a massive spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood, the EPA, the National Endowment for the Humanities et al. while leaving out funding for a border wall, Trump gets none of the blame because STRONG CONGRESS.

Here's Congressman Jim Renacci (who's running to replace Kasich as governor of Ohio) responding to a constituent who suggested Trump may not be the "change agent we thought he could be."

In other words, campaign promises are for suckers. It's increasingly looking like we either have a president too weak to advance his promised agenda or one whose agenda is more in line with Democrat objectives. Whichever it is, it looks like Democrats winning.