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Thursday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

This is kinda huge --

I think Trump actually scared Lil' Kim to the bargaining table.

Will the media give the president any credit for this? No, of course not. But the American people are watching...

Wouldn't it be funny if Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize for denuclearizing North Korea?

As we all know, that will never happen - not because North Korea won't denuke (though it's highly unlikely) but because the Nobel Committee would rather commit seppuku than give a prize to The Donald.  Nevertheless, we live in interesting times indeed.

South Korean security adviser Chung Eui-Yong says "Kim [Jong-un] pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests."

Of course, everything  "Rocketman" has to say about anything has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

This is lovely --

I certainly hope the University of Missouri appreciates how much better these optics are than those of the protesting snowflakes and "safe space enforcers" of a few years ago.


Is he basing his final decision on their counsel? Worse, has he made up his mind and is merely using them for the optics? Of course, this is something difficult to navigate for all involved. I'm just unclear on why his decision to sign the bill should be predicated on this. He has already met with the families of the victims. Their intentions surely aren't unclear. Perhaps Scott is truly torn about whether to sign this, as it differs from what he proposed. Maybe he's just buying time. It just doesn't seem likely that meeting with the families again will lead him to not sign it.