Thursday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

From The New York Times:

“Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the N.R.A.,” Kevin C. Langin, a bank spokesman, said in a statement. “As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the N.R.A. Visa Card.”

Mr. Langin declined to say when the contract expires, whether the card was already inactive or what would happen to cardholders.

A request for comment from the N.R.A. was not immediately returned.

Many of the bank’s customers took to social media in recent days threatening to cut ties with the company if it continued its ties to the firearms trade group.

This kind of cyber pile-on is nothing new to the unhinged left. It is probably a safe bet that a lot of those "customers" who hit social media weren't actual customers, but part of the same kind of prog mob that organizes (or is organized for a fee) to foment on online riot.

It's an even safer bet that the bank actually did lose quite a few real customers because it caved to the mob.

Excellent question:

The MSM continues to tout the Republican credentials of Navarro, Nicolle Wallace, and Steve Schmidt, even though none of them are remotely to the right of anything these days. Their connections to failed GOP campaigns in the past is supposed to make any condemnation of Republicans or conservatives hold more weight. The entire charade is laughable. If any of them would admit to having been converted to the left, their opinions would at least be coming from a place of honesty and could be judged more objectively. Right now, they're just liars.

And that's why CNN and MSNBC pay them.


There you go...

Ted Cruz wins again: