Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

First you say you do and then you don't.... Apparently Cruz was not part of a white supremacist group after all, at least according to the police.:

A law enforcement official says he knows of “no known ties” between the suspect who confessed to a deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school and a white supremacist group.

Lt. Grady Jordan is a spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee, where the white nationalist militia known as the Republic of Florida is based. Jordan said Thursday that his office has arrested militia leader Jordan Jereb at least four times since January 2014 and has been monitoring the group’s membership.

He says his office has “very solid” information on the group and “there’s no known ties that we have that we can connect” 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz with the group.

Okay, I suppose, but I wouldn't bank on it.  Cruz is obviously a very sick puppy and could have joined the white supremacists one week and ISIS the next. This adds up to nothing but what we already know: to repeat - he's a very sick puppy.

ADDENDUM:  I'd  never heard of a group called the Republic of Florida and I'd bet few readers had.  How many members do they have?  No one's saying, but I suspect it's in the range of ten. Worth noting is their Wikipedia page looks as if it was just put up five minutes ago to capitalize on the Parkland killings because it contains no additional information. Worth noting too is that these fringe groups supposedly identified with the alt-right (whatever that is - ask Bannon) are all minute in a country of 325 million.  But they get a lot of ink for obvious reasons.

UPDATE:  Now maybe he was part of the group for a short time, though they deny knowing him. Who knows?  Others say he was photographed in a Che t-shirt.  Both are possible.  Why not?