Thursday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

LOL, The Onion gets it:

“Making this memo public will almost certainly impede our ability to conduct clandestine activities operating outside any legal or judicial system on an international scale,” said Wray, noting that it was essential that mutual trust exist between the American people and the vast, mysterious cabal given free rein to use any tactics necessary to conduct surveillance on U.S. citizens or subvert religious and political groups.

Once again, let's review the bidding on this Memo™ thing:

  • The memo has been reviewed by nearly all the House Republicans.
  • The Intelligence Committee voted to release it subject to Trump's approval on a party-line vote.
  • The FBI sent a number of people to review it and confirmed it was substantially correct
  • After complaining about sources and methods, changes were made to the FBI's specification
  • And now the reason the FBI doesn't want it to be released is that it will damage the FBI's reputation.
  • So now they want the names of the responsible individuals redacted.
  • And the Democrats look increasingly frantic to avoid the memo being released.

So, here are my thoughts:

  • It sounds like the FBI -- or at least those responsible in the FBI, DoJ and Obama's administration -- should by Gods be embarrassed, and very possibly tried and convicted and even jailed.
  • Ditto the names of the responsible individuals should be released, and those individuals should be shamed at the very least.
  • If the Democrats are that worried about the release, it must be pretty juicy.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, doesn't have much patience with Democrat charges that Chairman Nunes secretly made changes to the FISA abuse memo before sending it to the White House. King told Fox News today that Democrats have been changing their arguments against releasing the four-page document every day.

He said the edits were minor and did not affect "the substance or spirit" of the memo.

"The Democrats are just throwing out a totally phony issue out there," he said.

King said he didn't want to "oversell" the memo by characterizing it as a "bombshell," but insisted it is “vital and essential for the public to see.”

Good to see that others in Britain share my sentiments about the Charlady:

Theresa May has become so frightened of putting a foot wrong that she’s now extremely reluctant to confront any controversial issue. This is an exceedingly dangerous position for a Prime Minister. You can’t lead if you can’t make decisions. Her timidity has been exacerbated by the election. Her unusually bold call to go to the country four years early blew up in her face and as a result, she is more cautious than ever — at exactly the time when her country needs her to be most decisive.

The Prime Minister is either unwilling or unable to tackle the single biggest question facing the country: what will the ‘end-state’ relationship with the EU look like? We have barely more detail now than when she delivered her Lancaster House speech more than a year ago. Is this because May doesn’t dare to be specific, as she knows she’ll disappoint — at the very least — one wing of her party? Or because she can’t decide? Tories who complain that civil servants have captured the process are aiming at the wrong target. They are only filling a vacuum where the political leadership ought to be.

The Tories need to engineer an in-house leadership coup pronto, before the #Remain crew manages, through Conservative Party inanition, to overturn the results of the Brexit referendum. Their #Resistance counterparts in America are watching, waiting, and salivating.

In an alternate universe where the 2016 election went the other way, the headline reads, "Seniors skip tedious activities to welcome Vice President Kaine."

Hat tip to LiberalHeretic who reminds us that canceling bingo or whatever "isn’t news. It’s SOP" for VIP visitors.