Thursday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

The mainstream media is suddenly fond of digging up Nixon administration-adjacent people for quotes:

This is seriously something that has been going on for a month or two. Finding players from the Nixonian drama who are still alive is probably the hardest journalistic research most "reporters" have done since camping out in Wasilla, AK in 2008. Obviously, they're trying to create a Nixon/Trump association, which is laughable.

Everyone knows that Barack Obama was the most Nixon-esque president since Nixon.

Paula and Rick, I've been ordering groceries from Amazon for a couple of years, almost exclusively for the last six months. I'm waiting on a delivery as I write this, in fact. Now that I have an Echo (shout out to Stephen Green) Alexa will either place the order for me, or sync a shopping list to my Todoist app on my phone for reference when I do go to a grocery store and, while there, remember why I like shopping when people aren't around.

Oh my gosh, Michael Edison Hayden is such a clown.

The lefty Newsweak writer is an Antifa apologist who never misses an opportunity to defend the poor misunderstood dears from "unfair" attacks by folks on the right (who understandably don't like the idea of being punched in the face because of their politics).

Hayden is up in arms because several right-of-center news outlets (including PJ Media) wrote about Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison posing with an Antifa handbook. He wrote an article at Newsweek accusing Gateway Pundit and Info Wars of "running anti-Muslim comments underneath the articles."

That's right -- he based his article on remarks people made in the comment section of these sites.

“A Muslim promoting terrorism is not news,” commenter Supah Cisgender wrote on Gateway Pundit.

Other comments labeled the representative a “terrorist.”


Paul Joseph Watson, an anti-Muslim performer on the conspiracy website InfoWars, posted a story under the headline, “DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Endorses ‘Antifa’ (A Terrorist Group).”

The comments below Watson’s story were racially and politically motivated.

“He's muslim and of course the only thing he knows is striking fear and drawing blood for his demon god!” wrote an InfoWars poster named “Savour4truth.” “No suprise [sic], not news, not a revelation,” an InfoWars poster named ClassicGamer1968 wrote. “Just another Black Muslim terrorist (like Obama) out for blood, the destruction of Freedom, America, and the West.”

Close to 100% of the comments under Hayden's post are negative -- like this one: "Newsweek. Liberal propagandist garbage."


I'll be on the Seth and Chris Show in Phoenix tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern and 4 p.m. Pacific to discuss... well, what's not to discuss on this crazy day?  The weather, Trump, Bannon, Breitbart, the weather, Trump, Trump, and Trump for starters. Please listen in or stream.

Rick, I, for one, look forward to our toilet paper-delivering drone overlords. I've used Giant Eagle's curbside pickup three times and have been very satisfied with the service -- including the propper bagging. I was a little nervous about the meat and produce, but thus far I've had no complaints. All the produce they picked for me was fresh and in good condition. You do have to watch very closely what you're ordering. I accidentally ordered a whole ham for Christmas instead of the 8-pounder I was looking for. And I have a friend who accidentally ordered 5 lbs. of sugar only to receive 5 lbs. of sugar packets.