Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

Great news for liberals who are looking for a legal way to riot against the Trump administration.

A jury found six defendants not guilty of all charges stemming from violence that erupted on Trump's Inauguration Day.

Hooray! A blow struck for mob rule!


The verdict is a victory not only for the six defendants and their lawyers, but for other defense attorneys, anti-Trump activists, and free speech advocates who had criticized the mass arrests and prosecution as examples of government overreach and who worried the case signaled a new era of criminalizing political dissent.

"The jury thoughtfully distinguished First Amendment rights from criminal conduct," Steven McCool, one of the defense lawyers, told BuzzFeed News in an email. "They vindicated the constitutional rights of these defendants and all of us.

Asked about the verdict, one of the defendants, Alexei Wood, told BuzzFeed News in a text message: "Fuk them so hard."

A wonderful example of "political dissent."

Meanwhile, the prosecution had a slightly different view, although they sound almost as pleased with the acquittals as defense attorneys:

"The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia believes that the evidence shows that a riot occurred on January 20, 2017, during which numerous public and private properties were damaged or destroyed. This destruction impacted many who live and work in the District of Columbia, and created a danger for all who were nearby," per the statement. "The criminal justice process ensures that every defendant is judged based on his or her personal conduct and intent. We appreciate the jury’s close examination of the individual conduct and intent of each defendant during this trial and respect its verdict. In the remaining pending cases, we look forward to the same rigorous review for each defendant."

I suppose it's very difficult to positively identify individuals who throw rocks through windows or overturn cars during a riot and the prosecution couldn't do it. Their theory of the case was that people were there to support anti-Trump protesters, including the rioters. The jury didn't buy it — even though it's probably true.

But if this is the kind of country the jurors want to live in, who are we to tell them otherwise?