Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

I like this kid.

More from Fox News:

A Georgia family is under fire for allowing a seventh grader to wear a T-shirt that mocked liberal news network CNN on a school field trip to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters -- but the boy's parents think the school violated the First Amendment by making their son take it off.

Nancy and Stan Jester, of Dekalb, are both local elected officials, she a county commissioner and he is a member of the local school board. Their son, seventh-grader Jaxon, wore a shirt mocking the CNN logo as “FNN” with the caption, “Fake News Network.”

The parents insist it was the kid's idea, which I am taking with a grain of salt. Still, these things seem to only happen to kids wearing attire that can be construed as being right-leaning politically. Schools have targeted kids wearing MAGA gear. Can you imagine the screams if a kid had every been told to take off an Obama "Hope" t-shirt?