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Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

This is hilarious. And weird.

Hard-left crank Ed Asner, of Mary Tyler Moore Show fame, asked anchor Chris Janning for a kis  not once, but twice during his appearance on MSNBC Tuesday. He was there to plug his new book — The Grouchy Historian -- but Janning also wanted to talk about Harvey Weinstein and workplace sexism.

Like a good leftist, Asner blamed President Trump for the Weinstein scandal.

“Ed Asner, wow -- it's great to have you here,” Jansing said. “Thank you so much for coming in.”

“Thank you,” the actor said. “And not even a kiss?”

“No, nothing,” the MSNBC anchor replied.

“Oh my God…” said Asner.

He tried his luck again at the end of the interview.